MOSA Cream Chargers 8g

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MOSA Cream Chargers 8g Distributor

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MOSA Cream Chargers 8g Distributor

MOSA, a World renown Industrial Corporation offering a range of consumer priced cream chargers which today are unrivalled in their price and the highest quality. This MOSA Cream Chargers 8g is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of disposable compressing gas cartridges.

Single box of Mosa cream chargers cartridges.

MOSA recognizes as the Leading premium brand in cream chargers, trusted by chefs, bakers and baristas across the World. Easy to use, cream chargers allow you to effortlessly add large quantities of cream, foam. Also, espuma and mousses to your food and beverages. Each charger is made of 100% recyclable steel and contains 8g of pure Nitrous Oxide (N2O). This Mosa anodize each charger to protect against corrosion, which preserves the gas inside and ensures your whipped cream tastes exactly and flavorsome as it should.

Mosa Industrial Corporation invented a range of consumer priced cream whippers which today are unrivalled in their price and quality. Their products include cartridges for carbonating soda, inflating tires, whipping cream and inflating car airbags. Bulk Buy MOSA Cream Chargers 8g On Wholesale Price

Using these cream chargers with one of our cream whippers you can make whipped cream or espumas – sweet or savory foam toppings for dishes.


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