Cream Deluxe Gold N2O Cream Charger 615g

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Cream Deluxe Gold N2O Cream Charger 615g

Cream Deluxe Gold N2O Cream Charger is the most recent addition to our ever-expanding N2O collection. With Gold, we’ve created the nitrous oxide of the future in a sleek, light-weight aluminum bottle. This innovative wrapping not only makes the product one of the lightest on the market for its volume, but it also keeps the gas and cylinder ultra clean, preventing corrosion and other unpleasant oxidation processes. Never be concerned about gas quality deterioration or canister depletion over time. Your nitrous oxide will stay clean and safe for years with Cream Deluxe Gold.

Features of Cream Deluxe Gold N2O Cream Charger 615g:

  • Featherweight, with 50% less weight than before.
  • 100% aluminum casing for ultra-strong resistance against corrosion and rust.
  • Pure food-grade nitrous oxide purity tested at 99,9%.
  • Zero substance taste or smell
  • Strong and high-quality German craftsmanship


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